If you’re looking for a new idle game, you’ll want to learn more about Make More! In this game, you play the role of a factory worker that needs to make items as fast as possible to keep your boss in a good mood.

Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of Make More game cheats and tips for you to learn. You’ll also learn how to get robots in Make More. And, I’ve even got information to make it easier to earn Make More trophies. Let’s get started!

1. Get Free Cash Fast With a Make More Game Cheat Tool

To start earning free cash in Make More right away, check out this tool. It’s free and easy to use. This tool allows you to start earning lots more cash for Make More. To use this tool, you’ll just need to follow a few simple instructions.

How to Use the Make More Game Cheat Program

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  1. Go here.
  2. Enter your username you use to access this game (an email address also works if you don’t have a game center username)
  3. Enter how much cash you want to generate
  4. Wait about a minute for this tool to start working
  5. Restart your game to receive your cash

2. Set Your Phone’s Clock Ahead

Another sneaky Make More game cheat has to do with setting your phone’s clock ahead of its normal time. Make More operates by following the time set on your mobile device. So, if you’re able to set the time ahead, the game will automatically think that a lot of time has passed. When this happens, you earn the same amount of cash and goodies you would have normally.

3. Receive Make More Cash by Finding a Duck in the Settings Menu

After you begin playing Make More, you’ll realize how important it is to have lots of cash. Unfortunately, it can take quite a bit of time to make a lot of cash early on in the game. Don’t worry, no matter what level you are, you can gain more Make More free cash by going to this game’s settings menu.

Once you’re in the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom of this screen. You should see a duck here. As strange as it sounds, start tapping the duck about 30 to 40 times. After doing this, you’ll activate a Make More game cheat that allows you to tap this duck and earn in-game cash each time!

4. How to Get Robots in Make More

One of the best ways to start earning more cash and level up fast in Make More is by getting robots. However, the game doesn’t make this information clear right away. Therefore, many players are understandably searching for how to get robots on Make More.

To start getting robots in Make More, you’ll need to level up five of your factories to level 20. Once this happens, this game will let you prestige. After you use the prestige option, you’ll have access to robots in Make More. Now that you know how to get a robot in Make More, you should find that this game becomes much easier than normal.

5. Watch a Few Advertisements to Double Your Make More Cash

make more game cheats

Source: Idlegames.info

If you didn’t know, you can earn even more cash in Make More by simply watching an ad. The best time to do this is after you complete an order. During this time, by watching a quick advertisement, you can earn double cash on your completed job. By watching a couple ads after completing large orders, you’ll be amazed at how quick these videos can boost your total cash.

6. Earn Collectibles and Extra Money by Completing Challenges

Make More is a game that has plenty of ways to keep you entertained. One of these ways is by offering its players extra challenges to complete. You’ll find that the makers of this game include lots of challenges that vary by day and week, always giving you something to come back for. If you have the time, you can knock out a few of these challenges each day or week.

There you have it, many amazing Make More cheats and tips. Hopefully, this collection of tips also made it easier if you were wanting to learn how to get robots in Make More. Make sure to keep checking back to this website for tips, cheats, and strategies for all of your favorite mobile games. If you enjoy this game, you might also want to check out my tips for Let’s Get Rich or I Love Coffee, two excellent simulation-type games.