With so many people spending time playing mobile games, it should come as no surprise that BitLife is such a massive hit. This game offers virtually endless possibilities, especially if you want to become a doctor. We’re going to show you how to get into medical school in BitLife. You’ll also learn how to become a doctor in BitLife, let’s get to it!

How to Get Into Medical School in BitLife

how to get into medical school in BitLife

In life, becoming great at something takes time and effort. The same rule applies in BitLife. If you want to become a doctor, it’s good to prepare for this as early as possible.

So, how do you start preparing? The first step is to max out your intelligence. This means you’ll want to take your schoolwork seriously. By doing this, you’ll continue to receive good grades and move further ahead. By continuing at this rate, you’ll soon graduate. From there, you repeat this process at University.

Now, this is a point where a lot of people unfortunately mess up. When you get ready to choose where you’ll attend university, choose either the nursing or chemistry option. If you don’t go to university for either one of these subjects, you’re not going to become a doctor. Thanks, Reddit for the additional tips I found here about how to get into medical school in BitLife.

Help! I’ve Been Rejected From Medical School in BitLife

Oh no! You were working hard to get into medical school and it happened, you got rejected. Don’t worry, that’s OK! As mentioned above, you probably got rejected from medical school in BitLife because you attend the wrong school. When you get the option to attend university, you must choose either the Nursing or Chemistry option.

You might also get rejected from medical school in BitLife because of your grades. If you aren’t working to study and do well on your exams, you can fail out of medical school. Only by taking your university work seriously will you become a doctor.

How to Become a Doctor in BitLife

So, you’ve now chosen either the chemistry or nursing option. By the way, you can also choose the psychology option if you prefer to become a psychologist. Regardless of which option you choose, the most important thing is to do as you’ve done so far, study and pass your exams.

As you continue to get good grades in your chosen university path, you’ll be able to apply for admission to graduate school. If you want to become a doctor in BitLife, this is where things start getting exciting.

Soon after doing well in medical school, you’ll finally get the option to become a doctor of your choice. You’ll have several options, one of the most popular is to become a brain surgeon. This is because these characters typically make more than other professions in this game.

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Source: Reddit Username: Hiking Biking Viking

I hope you enjoyed reading this mini-guide about how to get into medical school and become a doctor in BitLife. If you liked that, you might also enjoy some other BitLife guides I’ve recently put together.

I also have guides about how to get into law school in BitLife and become a lawyer. If that’s not your thing, I also have tips for how to become a CEO. To become a doctor in BitLife, you’re going to need to commit to studying hard and doing well on any tests that come your way. After doing this, you’ll soon get to become a doctor of some kind and enjoy your new, amazing salary.