Have you been enjoying Girls X Battle 2? You’ll love this game even more after finding and using Girls X Battle 2 gift codes. Keep reading for an updated list of working Girls X Battle 2 gift codes in 2020.

What is a Girls X Battle Gift Code?

Girls X Battle gift codes are sets of characters given out by either developers or players. If you find and redeem Girls X Battle gift codes, you can unlock certain things in this game like gems, coins, and a bunch of other goodies.

Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes (Tested and Working)

girls x battle 2 gift codes

Each month, you will see new codes available on this page. So, make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking. We will post new codes the moment they become available. The first code is: “25a99f5a”

By entering this Girls X Battle 2 gift code, you’ll receive 40 shards, 100 gems, and a new character!

Code number two is: “GXB2JP1”

This Girls X Battle gift code will give you 800 gems, and 10 capsule coins.

Finally, the last code we could find is: “fab1df79”

After you enter this code, you should receive about 200 gems and 50 shards.

Where Can I Find More Girls X Battle Gift Codes?

After you start getting lots of gems, shards, and characters, it’s understandable to know where you can get more! Fortunately, there are a few possible places where you find more Girls X Battle 2 gift codes.

The best place to find these codes are by visiting the social media accounts of the developers of this game. Here, fans and developers share updates and other information about the game.

If looking on social media doesn’t provide you with any new codes, you’ll want to check out Reddit. There are several popular subredddits or groups dedicated to this game. Once you find the groups, either scroll through them or do a search for Girls X Battle 2 gift codes. After doing this, you might be able to find what you’re looking for.

How to Redeem My Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes

Another important thing to cover is how to redeem your Girls X Battle gift codes. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll need to know what to do. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need to start redeeming your codes.

Doing this is simple. First, while you’re playing Girls X Battle 2, go to this game’s menu and select the Code button. Once you’re here, you’ll only need to enter one of the codes above.

What If My Codes Aren’t Working?

Hopefully, you start getting lots of gems, shards, and characters with your codes. However, I also wanted to mention what you can do if your codes for this game aren’t working. Here are few steps to follow if this happens.

  1. Are you entering your code correctly? Even missing a single character or adding one accidentally will make your codes invalid or non-functional. It’s a good idea to double check and make sure you’re entering each code properly. I recommend just copy and pasting the codes above and that should do the trick
  2. Has the code expired? Unfortunately, as it is with almost every type of promo code, most of them expire at some point. If you’re entering each code correctly and they’re not working, they might be expired. If this happens and your code is expired, you might want to check out social media pages or subreddits that I’ve mentioned above.

I love Girls X Battle 2 and I hope that these codes help you out. If you’re looking for more help in this game, you’ll love my recent Girls X Battle 2 tier list. By checking out this list, you can put together the best team in Girls X Battle 2.